2024 Welcome to all our Glad Growers

This year again was very dry. But the seedling crop and other new varieties looked very good. Bulb production was excellent at the time of digging. The bulbs were very clean and appealing. Making this one of our very best bulb years thank you to all that purchased bulbs last year and previous years. We appreciate your business very much.

This year we are offering 5 new introductions: Best Buds, First Choice by Cliff Hartline, Purple Burst by Dale Rollins, Foggy Sunrise by C. Sue Jackson, Silver Duel by Jackson/Bunn many of our glads are show winner and All Americans, Miniatures, World's Finest and good Commercial Varieties. Also many of them are at the top of show reports. Large and small flower symposiums. Please contact us if you have questions or are looking for something not listed.

Steve & Dawn
Blooming Prairie Gardens

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Other Info

Shipping Info

Orders are filled in rotation, by date of receipt and geographical location (southern-most states first, followed by coastal states and progressing to the mid-west.) Our usual shipping season is early March through early June, and during these months we will try to accommodate those who request a date. Shipments are made by United Parcel Service, so please give a street or route address.
Blooming Prairie Gardens is a licensed nursery stock grower by the Wisconson Department of Agriculture. International orders including Canada are each subject to $0.00 fee for obtaining the Wisconson Phytosanitary Certificate. Only orders outside of the U.S.A. need add this cost to the order.
All retail and wholesale bulb orders are shipped normally by UPS. Foreign orders are shipped Air Express Mail when possible. Contact Blooming Prairie Gardens or your local mail service for rates per weight on international orders. Gladiolus culture and growing instructions available on request with each order.


L (large) bulbs include No. 1(1.5” & up) and No.2 (125” to 1.5”); M (medium) include No.3(1” to 1.25”) and No. 4(75” to 1”)


Check or Credit Card with the order We do not ship C.O.D. and will return any order for less than $20.00. Transportation costs are going up all the time to the extent we are adding transportation and shipping cost to all orders. Enclosed is the order sheet with our shipping charges. Due to increased shipping cost we will gift additional bulbs to each order.


We cannot guarantee the productiveness of the bulbs, nor can we be held responsible for the crop, as there are too many conditions beyond our control. Bulbs are guaranteed to please you upon arrival, and should be inspected when unpacked. Claims must be made in writing within one week of receiving the shipment All bulbs are sold subject to current supplies of the variety and size. If we are out of what you order, substitutes will be made with varieties of equal or greater value, unless requests are made to refund the price. Your suggestions for possible variety substitutions are welcome.


New Class Colors 2014
Color Pale Light Medium Deep Other
White 00 or 01
Green  02 or 03 04 or 05  06 or 07
Cream 10 or11
Yellow 12 or13 14 or15 16 or17
Buff 20 or 21
Orange 22 or 23 24 or 25 26 o r27
Salmon 30 or 31 32 or 33 34 or 35 36 or 37
Pink 40 or 41 42 or 43 44 or 45 46 or 47
Red 52 or 53 54 or 55 56 or 57 58 or 59- Black Red
Rose 60 or 61 62 or 63 64 or 65 66 or 67 68 or 69- Black Rose
Lavender 70 or 71 72 or 71 74 or 75 76 or 77 78or79- Purple
Blue 80 or 81 82 or 83 84 or 85 86 or 87 88or89- Violet
Tan\Brown 90 or 91 92 or 93 94 or 95 98 or 99    Brown
Grey 96 or 97
Smokies       From this point on Smokies will be the base color, Followed by S      Such as 426 S Same as F is for Fragrant
*Two Digit Classification Numbers Above ending in even numbers- 0,2,4,6 and 8 indicate a near or completely solid color with no other colored markings. However, inconspicuous, small markings of any other color are accepted anywhere on the florets, i.e.1/2” by1/2” small markings on throats and centers- blotches, snips, brush marks, spears, etc.
*Two Digit Classification Numbers Above ending in odd numbers-1,3,5,7 and 9 indicate obvious, conspicuous markings to the human eye with any of a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Bi and Tri colored florets are common with a variety of colored blotches, throats, splashes, darts, veining, and various other markings.
Reclassified Glads 2014
The following Gladiolus have been re classified to:
Apricot Dream  423     Arnette  383      Barbizon  491  Big Boss   536    Cayenne  366     Dick's Delight  447
Esperanto  313   Fringed Coral Lace  335   High Seas  383   Jason  385   Jiri Vaclavik  469   Jubilee III 327
Maverick II  468  Merlot Wine  468   Northern Lights  387 Orange Joy  493 AA  Procyon Exotic  463  Red Majesty  454
Rigel Exotic  465   Robert S  473   Romance  474   Showbound  475   Sportsman  427  Summer Rose  463
Super Cross  227   Twilight III 486   Valhalla  343


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Gladiolus Culture

Glads do well in any good garden soil that drains well and that will receive at least half day of sun, The soil should be prepared by spading, digging and/or roto-tilling and the corms planted as a rule of thumb to a depth of about 3 times the diameter of the corm. Plant shallower in heavy soils and deeper in sandy soils. A pesticide bulb dust or liquid drench is recommended before planting. A 11/2” bulb would then be planted about 4 1/2” deep. Plant bulbs from 4 to 8 inches apart according to available space.

Avoid deep cultivation so that you will prevent root injury. Frequent shallow cultivation is good for aeration and climbing weeds. After plants are about 1 foot tall, hilling or tilling soil against plants will help prevent them from falling over. Recommended amounts of herbicides such as Treflan, Surfian, Dual II, Deverinol, Post and others can help with weed control.

Glads do not like a wet, soggy soil, but do like plenty of moisture as they near flowering. A well drained soil with an irrigation (watering) source during dry periods is ideal. Heavy clay loam soils certainly need less watering than the lighter sandy loam soils. After the blooming season little or no watering is usually best for controlling diseases as the plants develop new bulbs and bulblets for the next season.

Generally the more sandy the soil, the more fertilizer is required. Glads do not like a fertilizer high in nitrogen. Therefore use a 5-20-20 or 3-12-12(NPK) or a fertilizer with similar analysis at a rate used for garden vegetables. If organic sources are used, make sure they are very well decomposed. Trace minerals are not usually needed for glads grown on average garden soils.

Flower Cutting
Glads are there to be cut as much as any other cut flower. Slide a small cutters knife down along the base of the spike to the desired stem length, cut half way thru the stem and then break the flower spike away from the plant. Try to leave as many leaves on the plant as possible to provide food for the developing bulbs and bulblets. Flowers cut with 1 or 2 open florets will usually open very well and cool store. Fresh water with floral preservatives can add to the vase life of most flowers including gladi­olus.

Digging and Storage

Glads should be dug in the fall about 6 to 8 weeks after flowering. When digging the stem should be removed by cutting or breaking as close to the bulb as possible. Excess soil is best removed from the bulbs by washing them over a screened surface. After digging, bulbs should be allowed to dry with good ventilation at room temperature for about 4 weeks. At that time the old coons can be easily separated at the abscission layer from the new corms and the old corms and root discarded. Then store corms at as near 40 degrees Fahrenheit as possible in open containers with good ventilation until spring planting. Freezing temperatures will destroy the bulbs. Bulb dust or liquid drenches
applied after digging will protect bulbs from insects and diseases during the storage months. 

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